Dr Stephens, Dr Morgan and Dr August will provide an expert dermatological opinion for any patient who has a referral from their general practitioner or other allied health professional.  Patients can also ‘self refer’ without the need for a letter from their GP.

BMI Harbour Hospital, Poole
BMI Harbour Hospital, Poole

Outpatient appointments

A convenient appointment time (including evenings and early mornings) will be arranged at the BMI Harbour Hospital, Poole or the BMI Winterbourne Hospital, Dorchester.

Clinic Times:

Monday pm (BMI Winterbourne, Dr August)
Tuesday pm (BMI Harbour, Dr Morgan)
Wednesday pm (BMI Harbour, Dr August)
Thursday am (BMI Harbour, Dr Stephens)
Friday am (BMI Harbour, Dr Stephens)

Simple treatments such as cryotherapy and steroid injections can take place at the first consultation.

BMI Winterbourne Hospital, Dorchester
BMI Winterbourne Hospital,


If surgery is required then this can usually take place within two weeks.

Prices – (From 1st January 2015)

Initial consultation £160
All other prices available on request

General information

At their discretion, patients will always have a letter sent through to their GP to keep their doctor fully informed.

Dr Stephens, Dr Morgan and Dr August are registered with all the major private health insurers and you will need to liaise with your insurance company concerning level of cover.  Dorset Dermatology Clinics will accept patients who are not insured on a self-pay basis. Details of this can be obtained from Sally.

Medical treatment will be prescribed on a private basis.